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Monarch Waystation Program



Register & Certify Your Monarch Waystation Site

You can now complete your application for certification of your monarch habitat as an official Monarch Waystation online and either submit it online or print it out to mail or fax.

Monarch Waystation SignApplications are also available in the Downloads for offline completion and submission via mail or fax. A "Monarch Waystation Requirements" page is included with the application and is also available as a separate download.

You can certify your new or existing monarch habitat to show that you are contributing to monarch conservation. Upon certification your site will be included in the Monarch Waystation Registry, an online listing of Monarch Waystations, and you will be awarded a certificate bearing your name and your site's unique Monarch Waystation ID number.

Furthermore, you may choose to purchase a weatherproof sign that identifies your monarch habitat as an official Monarch Waystation - you can purchase sign(s) separately after completing your registration or opt for the certification and sign bundle. The display of Monarch Waystation signs helps convey the conservation message to those who visit your Monarch Waystation and may encourage them to create their own monarch habitat.

Here is a general description of the Monarch Waystation registration process:

(1) Create a monarch habitat - this can be done from scratch; however, existing habitats that meet the criteria for a Monarch Waystation (or that can be easily modified to meet them) may also be registered/certified as Official Monarch Waystations.

(2) Confirm that Monarch Waystation criteria are met and Complete the Certification Application - applications are now being accepted via mail, fax, and online submission. Requirements are included with the application materials. A $16 non-refundable application processing fee is required for each Monarch Waystation to be registered/certified.

(3) Receive Certificate - you will receive a certificate with your (or your organization's) name and unique Monarch Waystation ID for your site.

(4) Once you submit your application, you will be able to order a 9" x 12" weatherproof sign (shown above) for display.

(5) Enjoy your Monarch Waystation and encourage others to create their own!

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