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1998 Season Recoveries : Maps

Monarch Watch has received reports of recoveries for 598 Monarchs. Of the 598, Monarch Watch can verify that 447 of those traveled far enough to give us vectors for the direction of movement. We have received reports that 418 Monarchs have been recovered in Mexico this season - WOW! This number is higher than we expected since we received numerous letters from Monarch Watch participants stating that the number of Monarchs was low this season. Based on returned data sheets, we estimate that 60-80,000 Monarchs were tagged by Monarch Watchers in the fall of 1998.

The two maps represented here show the 1998 season recoveries (29) within the United States and Canada that were recovered 10 miles or greater from their tagging location and the recoveries (418) from the roost sites in Mexico. Two of the recoveries on the latter map are from previous seasons that were reported in their respective seasons but were overlooked and never appeared in a Monarch Watch Season Summary (AJ313 tagged in Sharon Springs, KS during the 1995 season and recovered in Sierra Chincua and HV669 tagged in Bethany, OK during the 1996 season and recovered in Cerro Pelon). There were also several recoveries reported from Mexico this season that were tagged in previous seasons. The migrant that flew the furthest (one way) this season was tagged in Columbia, CT by Lynn Frazier and recovered 2,231 miles away at the El Rosario roost in Mexico by Peter Korb. The most unusual migrant this season was WC113 which flew from Geneva, KY where it was tagged by Sondra Cabell to Lindsborg, KS where Grant Linder and Hannah Giles found it 546 miles West of it's tagging location!

Recovery Map - within the U.S.

Recovery Map - in Mexico

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