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Saturday, 16 September 2017
8:00am-12:00pm CDT
Lawrence, KS, USA

Once again, Monarch Watch, the Jayhawk Audubon Society, and the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center are sponsoring Monarch butterfly tagging for the public. There is no charge to participants and no experience is necessary - so bring yourself, your kids (all ages), your friends, and your neighbors! If you have a net, bring that too, though Monarch Watch and JAS will provide the tags, nets, and instructions in how to net and tag monarchs. The monarchs are usually roosting or clustering (sometimes in spectacular concentrations!) until around 8:30AM. As it warms up, they begin foraging on the flowers.

IMPORTANT: This year’s tagging event will again be held at the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center - 1365 N. 1250 Rd. Lawrence, KS 66046. There are lots of Sunflowers and Bidens so the area should be full of monarchs on the 16th. Please see the map and directions below.

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We'll be posting photos throughout the morning - leave us your comments about our photos, and/or Monarch Watch in general during our tagging event via Monarch Watch's Facebook Page:

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The Baker Wetlands Discovery Center is located at 1365 N. 1250 RD, Lawrence, KS 66046 on the south side of Lawrence and approximately 45 miles west of Kansas City.

From US 59 (IOWA ST) on the south side of the South Lawrence Trafficway and K10 interchange, turn east on N. 1250 Road and go 0.7 miles to the parking lot of the Discovery Center. Follow signs to the entrance.

From 31st Street come south on a new road called Michigan (opposite the new Mennards Store) to N 1250 Road, turn left (east) 0.2 mi to the Discovery Center parking lot.