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Monarch Butterfly Press Briefing

Although monarchs get lots of press, news accounts and video productions often contain errors and misrepresentations that detract from the quality of the productions. The source of these errors is not clear but a quick scan of a number of websites with information on monarchs reveals that there is a lot of confusion about the monarch migration and basic monarch biology. My hope is that these briefing documents will serve to reduce the number of errors appearing in the media. I've covered a good deal of basic biology in these materials and, if they contain errors, they are mine, and will be corrected if I'm shown to be wrong.

I have provided two versions of these briefing documents, a "top ten" based on questions frequently asked by reporters and a longer version that covers another 30 or so aspects of monarch biology. - Dr. Orley R. "Chip" Taylor, Director of Monarch Watch

Monarch Butterfly: Top Ten Facts (view online or view/download PDF file, 2pp)

Monarch Butterfly Press Briefing (view online or view/download PDF file, 11pp)


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