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Monarch Watch Classrooms : Index

Do you use Monarchs in your classroom? Well, these teachers do and they'd like to show you exactly how they integrate these wonderful creatures into their curriculum.

If you have a Web site that showcases your work with Monarchs, send us the address and we'll include it here. Or, you can send us examples of your school work and we'll take care of getting it on the Web. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns about getting your material online. In the meantime, check our what these classrooms are doing:

Kim Reber, K-2nd Grade
10th & Penn Elementary
Reading, PA

JoAnn Whitmore, 2nd Grade
Coyne Center Elementary School
Milan, IL

Lola Plough
Willyard Elementary School, 2nd Grade
Ravenna, Ohio

Judy McIntyre
TAG students, Oak Grove Primary
Prairieville, LA

Annette Heath
Mt. Healthy Elementary School, 3rd Grade
Columbus, IN

Lisa Machado
Neil Armstrong Middle School, 5th Grade
Bethel Park, PA

Lynn Frazier
Linda McDermott and Dorothea Card
Windham Center School, 4th Grade
Windham, CT

Christine Swift-Turner
Longfellow Elementary, 1st Grade
Muncie, IN

Connie Meigs
3rd Grade
Pratt, KS

Georgia Carter
5th Grade
Washington, MO

Linda Ferguson
McKnight Elementary
Pittsburgh, PA

Terry Smith's 4th Grade Classroom
Eugene Field Elementary
Hannibal, MO

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