Dplex-L Discussion List

Dplex-L is the name of our electronic mailing list and discussion group - if you have an email account, you can join in!

We have reached a critical number of subscribers who are well-distributed along migratory routes. Reports of the migration by subscribers allow many students and teachers to follow the migration before, during and after their tagging. Many spectacular observations of the migration have been made by Monarch Watchers in previous years. Information on recovered tags are reported to the list. Subscribers also post questions, provide useful tips and tricks on the use of monarchs in classrooms and report news of meetings and conservation efforts. Following reports to the list is a good way to learn much more about monarchs. Presently there are more than 1,000 subscribers from at least 11 countries on Dplex-L; however, we need more of you to join in.

To subscribe or manage your Dplex-L subscription please visit https://lists.ku.edu/listinfo/dplex-l

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