Adopt-a-Classroom 2001

Monarch Watch
2-16 January 2001

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03-DSCN3554 04-DSCN3567 05-DSCN3573 06-DSCN3587 07-DSCN3607 09-DSCN3635
10-DSCN0010 12-DSCN0012 13-DSCN0041 14-DSCN0046 15-DSCN0058 16-DSCN3675
17-DSCN3686 18-DSCN3691 19-DSCN3697 20-DSCN0002 21-DSCN0001 22-DSCN0004
24-DSCN3700 25-DSCN3714 26-DSCN3717 261-DSCN3453 27-DSCN3723 28-DSCN3736
29-DSCN3738 30-DSCN3751 32-DSCN3772 33-DSCN3773 34-DSCN3795 35-DSCN0006
36-DSCN0003 38-DSCN0015 40-DSCN3819 41-DSCN3821 42-DSCN3829 43-DSCN3833
44-DSCN3838 45-DSCN3849 48-DSCN3879 49-DSCN3880 50-DSCN3885 51-DSCN3887
52-DSCN3936 53-DSCN3906 54-DSCN3913 56-DSCN3914 57-DSCN3917 58-DSCN3925
59-DSCN3938 60-DSCN3945 61-DSCN3953 64-DSCN3961