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Wow, what a trip! We delivered over 4.5 tons of textbooks and materials AND took over 1,000 digital photos at the schools and at the overwintering sites. We're working hard to post our experiences and photos to share with you - this "journal" of sorts will be completed as soon as possible. In the meantime, please take a look at what we've posted so far and be sure to check back often for updates.

The Adopt-a-Classroom Annual Report is available as a 200K zipped PDF file:

Please note that to view the QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) Panoramas - full 360-degree "scenes" - you need to have QuickTime installed on your computer. Odds are that you already have it (even if you don't know it) but you can download this free software at if you need it.


Date Location Text Photos QTVR See it!
6 January 2002 Home away from home... x x x
El Rosario (Monarchs ;-) x x
7 January 2002 Benito Juárez x x
Educación y Patria x x
Francisco I. Madero
Jóse Palomares Quiróz
Miguel Hidalgo
8 January 2002 18 de Marzo
20 de Noviembre
Escuela Secundaria Tecnica
Gregorio Torres Quintero (K)
Juaquín Fernández de Lizardi (K)
Rendención del Campesino
San Cristobal Secundaria
9 January 2002 El Soldado (K)
Francisco I. Madero
Gregorio Torres Quintero
Laguna Verde
Miguel Hidalgo
Sierra Chincua (Monarchs ;-)
10 January 2002 Adolfo Lopez Mateos
Amado Nervo
Emiliano Zapata
Ignacio López Rayón
Jóse María Morelos
Lázaro Cárdenas
Melchor Ocampo
11 January 2002 Guadalupe Victoria
Lázaro Cárdenas
Niños Héroes San Luis
Vicente Guerro
El Rosario (Monarchs ;-)

Special thanks go out to the following companies that donated equipment to Monarch Watch that allows us to bring the Adopt-a-Classroom trip to you in ways we've never been able to before:

Kaidan, Inc. ( whose panorama tripod head allows us to take a 360-degree series of digital photos quickly and easily;
VR Toolbox, Inc. ( whose powerful software gives us the tools we need to create QTVR Panoramas (and other QTVR movies) from digital images;
Minds@Work, LLC. ( whose Digital Wallet portable storage unit gives us the freedom to take as many digital photos as we want (great for remote locations) without having to worry about running out of space on the camera's memory cards.

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