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Through our association with your purchases can help support Monarch Watch!

By using any of the links on this page to visit and shop at Monarch Watch will receive a "commission" equal to a percentage of your purchase amount (currently 4-15%). This applies to ANY purchase at - Books, Music, Movies, Electronics, etc.

Don't worry, using our links does not affect your pricing at all - you'll be getting the same pricing as you would if you visited the website directly. Also, no personal information is tied to purchases; that is, we do not know who made the purchases, only that they were made via the link(s) from our site and therefore in support of our program.

Remember: we have several books, posters, videos, and more available directly from the Monarch Watch Shop - but for everything else, please consider using our Amazon links here in support of Monarch Watch.

Please help us by spreading the word to friends, family, coworkers, and any other shoppers you can think of - thank you for your continued support!

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